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AHAA members particate every year at the Spruce Meadows Masters, with a booth, providing demonstrations of our breed, as well as having Team Appaloosa compete in the Battle of the Breeds.

Did you know that Team Appaloosa has won the Battle of the Breeds numerous times - 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007 and again in 2012? This just demonstrates our amazing breed!

2014 Team Appaloosa


Applications are now being accepted for a spot on Team Appaloosa. Applications must be received by April 30, 2014

Fill out the application form (link below) and email it to Lynn Johnson.

bullet2014 Application for Team Appaloosa
   (This pdf can be filled in online)


2013 Team Appaloosa


We are proud to announce 2013 Team Appaloosa!

  • Sherry GreskoShady Drifter: 15 year old stallion
  • Laura-Gene HagaTexcel: 18 year old gelding
  • Lynn Johnson Cash Sirtificate: 14 year old gelding
  • Kaylee McLachlinAmigo TRT: 17 year old gelding
  • Alternate: Kristyn O'ByrneYOR Pleasure Cruise

Come out and cheer on Team Appaloosa September 4 to 8, 2013 at the Spruce Meadows "Masters"!



Applications are now being accepted for a spot on Team Appaloosa. Applications must be received by May 15, 2013

Fill out the application form (link below) and email it to Nicole Richard.

bulletApplication for Team Appaloosa
   (This pdf can be filled in online)

2012 Team Appaloosa

The horse/riders on the 2012 edition of Team Appaloosa are:

  • Sherry GreskoShady Drifter: 14 year old stallion
  • Laura-Gene HagaTexcel: 17 year old gelding
  • Lynn Johnson Cash Sirtificate: 13 year old gelding
  • Kaylee McLachlinAmigo TRT: 16 year old gelding
  • Alternate: Denice JonesShadys Leo Dexter: 18 year old gelding


More Fun Than a Honeymoon

In the 2011 Telus Battle of the Breeds, Team Morgan and Team Appaloosa were tied going into the final event – Trail Riding.  Team Appaloosa put in a solid performance to finish second in the event, however it was the Morgans who won Trail Riding and with the win, also clinched the Telus Battle of the Breeds Championship.

This year ten breeds were represented at Spruce Meadows and by the conclusion of the Battle, it was Team Appaloosa that was able erase the disappointment of the previous year, and wrestle away the title from the three time defending champions, Team Morgan.

The Telus Battle of the Breeds sees each breed represented by a team of four horse/rider combinations.  Then once the battle begins, each team sends two horse/rider combinations to compete in the following events:

  • Compulsory Skills
  • Jeopardy Jumping
  • Precision Driving
  • Barrel Racing
  • Trail Riding

Day One of the Battle began with Compulsory Skills.  In this event each team sends one member to ride a pattern under saddle and a second member to drive a pattern while pulling a cart.  Team Connemara posted the high scores in both under saddle and driving to take first place in the class.  Team Appaloosa had Sherry Gresko complete the under saddle test with Shady Drifter, while Lynn Johnson drove Cash Sirtificate.  Both riders put in a solid performance and their combined scores placed Team Appaloosa in third place just behind Team Morgan who was second.

Jeopardy Jumping was held on the afternoon of Day One.  The class featured a course with 10 obstacles to clear.  Each fence was progressively higher, with the last rail being set at 3’6”.   After completing the course, riders could elect to attempt a bonus jeopardy fence that was set at 3’9” this year.  Team Canadian Pinto put together 2 excellent rides and won the class.  Team Appaloosa had Laura-Gene Haga riding Texcel, and Kaylee McLachlin aboard Amigo TRTLaura-Gene was able to clear 6 fences, while Kaylee successfully jumped 9 of the 10 obstacles as well as the jeopardy fence after completing the course.  Together their scores place them in third behind second place Team Quarter Horse.  During the awards ceremony, announcer Ron Anderson let the crowd know that Laura-Gene had been married just five days earlier.  When he asked Laura-Gene why she was at the Telus Battle of the Breeds instead of on her honeymoon, she replied, “Because the Battle of the Breeds is more fun than a honeymoon”.

The overall standings at the end of the Day One had Team Appaloosa in fourth place, just two points behind Team Canadian Pinto, and one point behind Team Morgan and Team Connemara.

Day Two began with Precision Driving.  Team Appaloosa had Lynn and Sherry competing in the class.  Lynn had a very strong performance scoring 530 points, while Sherry added 170 valuable points to the team’s total.  Their combined score placed the Appaloosas in fifth place.  Team Shetland Pony won the class, with the Morgans second, Saddlebreds third, and Connemaras in fourth.  Overall, Team Appaloosa moved into third place ahead of Team Canadian Pinto, but still trailed the Morgans who were first and the Connemaras in second.

The second event on Day Two was Barrel Racing.  This year saw a change in the barrel pattern from the four barrel pattern that the Battle has used in past years, to a traditional three barrel pattern.  This event sees a first round that features all of the breeds, with a second round of rides for the top six teams.  The first round started with Kaylee and Amigo leading the team off with a fast time of 22.09 seconds.  Laura-Gene and Texcel rode second for Team Appaloosa and went even faster with a time of 21.92 seconds.  The team finished the first round in second place, and were about a second and a half behind Team Canadian Pinto.   The second round saw Kaylee improve her time by almost a second, while Laura-Gene improved her first round time by over half a second.  Those fast rides, combined with a slower time for one of the Pinto riders, had Team Appaloosa winning the red ribbon in the Barrel Racing.  Team Pinto finished fourth, with Team Connemara and Team Morgan having an even tougher time of it, finishing seventh and ninth respectively.  The results from the Barrel Racing vaulted Team Appaloosa into first place heading into the last day of competition.  The Morgans and Canadian Pintos were both 6 points behind in the overall standings, with Connemaras 7 points back in fourth place.

Trail Riding is held on the third day of the Telus Battle of the Breeds.  This year saw the Trail Riding held in the All Canada Ring at Spruce Meadows for the first time ever.  The new venue made riders from all of the teams nervous as no one knew what to expect from their horses.  The draw had Lynn and Cash Sirtificate from Team Appaloosa going first.  They set the bar high by scoring 310 points.  By the end of the first set of riders, only Team Shetland Pony had a higher score.  Sherry Gresko led off the second set of riders with a good ride.  Then everyone from Team Appaloosa had to nervously wait for the other teams’ second rider to finish.  Team Pinto was next, but they were not able to score enough points to overtake the Appaloosas.  Team Morgan had a good second round but when the scores were added, their team’s total was 35 points behind Team Appaloosa.  Team Shetland Pony had a good second ride to win Trail Riding.  Team Appaloosa finished second and clinched the championship for the 2012 Telus Battle of the Breeds.  Right after the team knew they had won the battle, Kaylee remarked “I’ve been beaten by the Morgans for the past three years.  It feels great to finally come out on top!”

The 2012 Telus Battle of the Breeds Champions from Team Appaloosa are:

  • Sherry Gresko and Shady Drifter, Leduc
  • Laura-Gene Haga and Texcel, Red Deer
  • Lynn Johnson and Cash Sirtificate, Rimbey
  • Kaylee McLachlin and Amigo TRT, Red Deer

Congratulations on the win!  You’ve earned it - job well done.


2011 Team Appaloosa  
  For Team Appaloosa, the 2011 Telus Battle of the Breeds did not go as planned. The plan for the team of Allie Sutton, Denise Jones, Kaylee McLachlin and Lynn Johnson came apart about a week before the competition when the team found out that Denise was diagnosed with cancer and would not be able to ride in the competition.

Fortunately, the team had an alternate horse and rider, so Plan B was put into action. Laura-Gene Haga was informed that she and her horse, Texcel, would be competing, so Laura-Gene began the process of getting their papers in order, including a Coggins test. As luck would have it, a couple of days later Texcel turned up lame. The team waited a few more days before submitting the change of horse and rider to Spruce Meadows. Texcel did not get better so the team was forced to go to plan C.

Plan C involved keeping Denise’s horse, Shady’s Leo Dexter, on the team and using existing team members as replacements. It was decided that Ali Sutton and her horse High On Believin, would ride Compulsory Skills and Precision Driving rather than Denise, and that Lynn Johnson would ride Dexter in the Barrel Racing.

The team picked up Kristin Lee as a catch rider for Dexter in Jeopardy Jumping and Plan C was set. The team submitted a change of rider notice to Spruce Meadows and then travelled from Calgary to near Sherwood Park the night before the Battle began to pick up Dexter.

Team Appaloosa 2011

2011 Team Appaloosa
(left to right in photo)

  • Allie Sutton, Sundre and High On Believin (owned by Shelley Clarke)
  • Kaylee McLachlin and Amigo TRT, Red Deer
  • Kristin Lee, Red Deer and Shady’s Leo Dexter (owned by Denise Jones)
  • Lynn Johnson and Cash Sirtificate, Rimbey

2011 Team Appaloosa
  The first event in the Battle of the Breed is Compulsory Skills, a competition where each horse and rider combination is required to ride a pattern. One horse on the team is driven, while the second horse is ridden under saddle. Lynn Johnson and her horse, Cash Sirtificate had a solid round placing third among driving horses. Allie spent the night before learning the pattern and placed second among the under saddle horses. Overall the team finished third in Compulsory Skills.

The second event in the Battle is Jeopardy Jumping. Kaylee McLachlin on Amigo TRT was up first and completed the course clear, scoring 400 points. Kaylee and Amigo successfully jumped the Jeopardy Jump for an extra 100 points, and were one of three horse/riders to score a perfect 500 points. Riding Dexter for the very first time, Kristin Lee completed her round with one rail down and a score of 340 points. Kristin elected to pass on the Jeopardy Jump and not risk losing 100 points if the fence came down. Overall, Team Appaloosa finished third in jumping and ended the day in third place overall with 20 points. Team Morgan was in first place with 23 points and Team Connemara was in second with 21 points.

Day Two began with Precision Driving. Lynn had the third highest score of the day with 85 points and Allie finished with 70 points, a very good score for someone who did not know she was competing in the class until two days earlier. Overall the team finished fifth in Precision Driving and were tied with Team Saddlebred and Team Connemara for second place overall with 28 points. Team Morgan placed second and held on to their overall lead with 35 points.

The other event on Day Two is Barrel Racing. After the first go-round, Lynn and Kaylee were in third place. Lynn was especially happy with her ride on Dexter since she had never ridden him before, let alone raced him around barrels. In the second round, Kaylee improved on her first round time by more than a full second to lead Team Appaloosa to victory by sixteen one-hundredths of a second. The win left Team Appaloosa tied for first place with Team Morgan. Both teams had 43 points, with Team Saddlebred two points behind in third place.

The fifth and final event, which takes place on Day Three of the Battle of the Breeds, is Trail Riding. Team Appaloosa needed to beat Team Morgan to win the Battle. Lynn Johnson led off for Team Appaloosa and had an outstanding ride, scoring 370 points. Lynn’s ride was second best of the day, but a little later Team Morgan had a ride of 420 points. The deficit was too much for Allie to overcome and Team Appaloosa finished second in Trail and second overall in the 2011 Telus Battle of the Breeds.

All things considered, it was an amazing performance for a team that was scrambling at the last minute to figure out who would be riding in which events. The second place result is a testament to the versatility and skill of the horses and riders on the team.


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